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Leadership Ready!

Leading…Coaching…Mentoring…that is what we specialize in at LCM Consulting.  We are committed to helping aspiring principals to develop their leadership capacity and preparedness for the new 268 “Principal As Instructional Leader” exam.  This online course takes candidates through the TExES 268 Preparation Manual, topic by topic, and brings it to life with podcasts as well as direct presentations that allow for different adult learning styles and preferences.  There are ten modules in the Leadership Ready course that focus on the Principal Domains and Competencies as well as test preparation strategies and practice questions.   ​

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PASL Preparation Guide!

The purpose of the PASL Preparation Guide is to provide you a step-by-step process for identifying, planning, implementing, and reflecting on each of the Performance Assessment for School Leaders (PASL) Tasks.
In making the most of this PASL Preparation Guide, we want you to consider the cyclical process of continuous learning and problem solving using our Planning Process Wheel. The Planning Process Wheel phases include reading, thinking, planning, writing, self-assessment and
revising. The icons in the wheel will support your journey through the thinking and writing phases of the guide and will support each of the PASL Task Steps.

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