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From instructional planning, to lesson delivery, and providing supervisory feedback to enhance instruction, LCM has worked alongside teachers and principals to support them in enhancing their professional practice and ultimately improving instructional outcomes for students.
We possess expertise to assist you to:
  • Develop Reflective Capacity of ALL Staff
  • Provide High Quality Professional Development
  • Build Successful Professional Learning Communities
  • Support Development of Teacher Leaders
  • Make Informed Use of Instructional Data
  • Engage in Strength-Based Improvement Efforts
  • Promote Principal Capacity-Building Skills
  • Create Individual Coaching Plans for Teachers
  • Encourage Positive Faculty Relationships and Strong School Culture
  • Lead Campuses to Develop Vision, Mission & Belief Statements
  • Facilitate Strategic Planning Efforts
  • Individualized professional coaching for principals and assistant principals

  • Support for implementation of T-TESS with fidelity to achieve desired outcomes

  • Guidance for development of T-PESS Student Growth Goals

  • Facilitation of the SLO process for campus or district

  • Assistance as school starts to plan and provide customized professional development for teachers, and other appropriate trainings as needed

  • Ongoing support to principals including collaborative walkthroughs, effective conferences, determination of progress toward goals

  • Customized professional development based on district/campus needs

  • Other services based on request

Professional Development Training Sessions
  • Making the Most of T-TESS

  • Building Teacher Capacity with T-TESS 

  • Developing Capacity with T-PESS

  • Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) for ALL

  • Power of Positive Language in Coaching

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