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Leading…Coaching…and Mentoring...

that’s what LCM is about!

With a total of 158 combined years of experience, Lori, Criss, Mary, and Patricia have taught in classrooms from PreK to 12, served as elementary, middle and high school principals, and guided campuses as district administrators.  Their shared passion for helping principals develop their capacity to meet the demands of leading schools in today’s world compelled them to launch LCM Consulting.


LCM Consulting offers a wide range of services geared toward coaching and mentoring
educational professionals to higher levels of performance.

University or Regional Education Preparation Programs

We specialize in principal preparation in the state of Texas. Our new online course, Leadership Ready. is designed to help principal candidates prepare for the 268 exam. This course is marketed through the product store on the ESC 13 website. Additionally, we offer an engaging full day training that focuses on domains and competencies as well as test-taking strategies, including how to approach constructed-response. This can be made available face-to-face or as a webinar.


Principal Preparation Candidates

For aspiring leaders, we provide individual guidance and coaching for PASL (Performance Assessment for School Leaders)

School Districts

We provide customized professional development for what your school needs and follow-through during the period of implementation of new practices. Whether you are certain about
your current needs or desire to engage in an exploratory review, LCM is prepared to listen,
reflect, and design a program of services specific to what you desire to accomplish in your
school or district.

Our Team
Lori Einfalt,
Criss Wakefield,
Mary Kimmins,
Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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